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Nothing is more important than knowing that you or your loved ones are safe. That’s why we elected to become a distributor of the ResponseLink emergency response and safety alert system. Utilizing state of the art technology, the ResponseLink system provides around the clock monitoring, including daily wellness checks and medication reminders. Whenever help is needed, ResponseLink is there, 24-hours-a-day.

The ResponseLINK medical alert system consists of a pendant that is worn by the user and a medical monitoring panel that is placed at home. This conveniently-sized Medical alert pendant is equipped with the latest in communication technology.

Medical Alert Pendant :

  • A press of a button sends an emergency signal to central monitoring station
  • Can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet
  • Automatically monitors battery life
  • Light-weight and 100% waterproof

The Medical Monitoring Panel :

  • (A) Emergency Button –Sends an emergency signal to central monitoring station
  • (B) Call Button – Calls central monitoring station for non-emergency events
  • (C) Check Button – Used to respond to medication reminders, answer phone, announce time
  • (D) Speed Dial / Direct Link – Automatically dials programmed phone number